Welcome to the new SuperFleet MasterCard® Program

As a valued SuperFleet business customer, you will soon receive the new SuperFleet MasterCard® offering your drivers access to the current SuperFleet network, an extended Comdata truck stop network, and the convenience of fueling anywhere MasterCard® cards are accepted, regardless of fuel brand.

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the program now!

We are always looking for ways to improve the features and benefits you enjoy with your SuperFleet Account. With your new SuperFleet MasterCard®, you will receive the same great rebates at Speedway stations with the added convenience of nationwide acceptance at any fuel or maintenance location that accepts MasterCard.

Customers will begin receiving new cards as early as September, but cards will continue to ship until April 2017. You will receive a mailer letting you know that your cards are on the way a couple of weeks before they ship.

Your new SuperFleet MasterCards are accepted at any fuel or maintenance site that accepts MasterCard.

Your new SuperFleet MasterCard will still be primarily a fuel card. The MasterCard feature allows your drivers to purchase fuel at any location that accepts MasterCard in the U.S., regardless of fuel brand. Your upgraded SuperFleet MasterCard will also provide additional purchasing options like maintenance spend and inside purchasing at fueling locations. But rest assured, you can limit your drivers to pay at the pump by calling Customer Service. And fraud controls will be in place for your new SuperFleet MasterCard to alert you in the case of attempted online or inappropriate use.

Yes, but don't worry; we will make sure you know what date your old account will close and that you are fully using your new cards before we close your old account.

Your Speedy Rewards Program is a separate loyalty program and will not change. Your drivers still need to carry the separate rewards card as always.

  • If you currently manage your account online, you will receive a new login and password for iConnectData.
  • If you do not currently manage your account online, please contact customer service at superfleetcs@fleetcor.com to add an email address for online Account Management.
  • Please continue to make payments to the following address on your SuperFleet Business account until your balance is paid:
    PO Box 740587
    Cincinnati, OH 45274-0587

  • Once you begin receiving statements from your new SuperFleet MasterCard, you will need to remit payments to:
    FleetCor SuperFleet MasterCard
    PO Box 70995
    Charlotte, NC 28272-0995

  • You can also make payments in your online iConnect account using CheckFree

Please contact your SuperFleet MasterCard customer service team at superfleetcs@fleetcor.com.

To help avoid confusion, we recommend that you stop using the old cards and begin using only the new cards.

No. Your Superfleet MasterCards will already be activated when you receive them. You can begin using them immediately. *

*If you're in California, you will need to activate your card by calling the number listed with your new cards.

  • If you have Driver IDs and/or PINs, they will remain the same.
  • If you aren't currently being prompted before you fuel, your new cards will now require prompting. You will receive a letter in the mail with your new DINs.

Yes, you will still have the flexibility of vehicle control tools to monitor and adjust the number of transactions, transaction limits, the days of week and time of day and weekly supplies and services limits.

Rebates will continue at all Speedway branded sites. You will get the same great volume rebates that you receive today when you fuel at Speedway locations. Fuel purchases at Marathon sites will no longer be included in the eligible rebate calculations.

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